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Who We Are

Epics2go is a creative studio representing photographers, videographers who's work speaks for itself. The brand is owned by our photographers, and aim at rethinking the way we work together with our clients.

The Soul of Our Studio

Our photographers are already known for pushing the best of imagery, both stills and films. They evolve, photography evolves, clients evolve, so the way we get the job done should evolve as well.

We want to focus on what's actually needed and slash the stuff that isn't. Epics2Go aims at being a proponent for good photography and a voice for change within the business. We've got some bold ideas and can't wait to share.

But firstly it's about jaw dropping, awe inspiring, surprising and well composed stories told through the lens of the beholder. Make sure you look through our portfolios and have a chat with Eric Whiteside about your next project.

Key People

Over 40 Years in the Game.
  • Tom Hanson - Event Videographer

    Tom is like many other estheticians – humble perfectionist. He demands the same from all other people involved. He’s at his best when he works both with and for the doers; people who knows what they want and were to go with it
    Tom Hanson is a veteran journalist with more than 40 years of experience in the journalism field. Tom has masters degrees in journalism from Cal State Fullerton and biblical studies from Azusa Pacific University. Tom is based in Greenville, South Carolina, where he is active in print, web and video journalism.

  • Eric Whiteside - Digital Publishing & Live Streaming

    He founded the brand with a vision, and walked every single step with God’s guidance . Every step involved meticulous praying, research, planning and connecting with clients. His ideas requires her to constantly try out new techniques and equipment before feeling settled on shoot. Don’t be surprised if you catch him with a pogo stick, an Google 360 View camera¬† on shoot day. It just means his brain is working.

    Specialized in Spiritual Events and live streaming, he puts his skills to work for visionary creators, film producers and commercial art directors. His works are featured in all over the web and has inspired clients throughout the U.S.


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We Think outside the box to achieve the best results for our clients
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